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06.01.22 - 06.02.22

Prague, CZ

LABOREXPO is the main trade fair for analytical, measurement, and laboratory equipment in the Czech Republic.

RedWave will be represented by our international partner, RMI, who will feature the ThreatID at their booth.

ADEX 2022

09.06.22 - 09.08.22

Baku, Azerbaijan

ADEX,is the region’s largest event in the field of defence industry and internal security; providing the participants with a unique opportunity to meet international militaries and the defence community.

RedWave will be represented by BLG Sauvnma, showcasing the ThreatID and XplorIR.

IAFC Hazmat Conference

06.09.22 - 06.12.22

Baltimore, MD

The IAFC Hazmat Conference is the premier conference in the U.S. for hazardous materials responders. This conference offers the most experienced speakers, up-to-date information, and the best hands-on training.

RedWave will be represented at Booth #611.


06.20.22 - 06.25.22

Hannover, Germany

INTERSCHUTZ features eye-catching exhibitions and engaging forums on the many aspects of fire fighting, rescue services, civil protection, and safety and security.

RedWave will be represented by Analyticon at their booth, showcasing the ThreatID and XplorIR.


34th Annual Midwest Hazmat Conference

05.04.22 - 05.06.22

Online Conference

Watch RedWave's virtual presentation #12 on Identifying Unknown Gases Using FTIR Technology.

This presentation discusses new advances that have gone into making these devices useful, focuses on real-world examples, and shows how gas identification can lead to more accurate scene characterization.


02.22.22 - 02.25.22

Madrid, Spain

The 25th edition of the SICUR fair was held at IFEMA , which brought together companies, associations, professionals, and users of global security from the public and private spheres.

Our global partner, Target TecnologĂ­a, featured the ThreatID at their booth for its identification of dangerous substances and use in military operations.

CBRNE Research & Innovation Conference

05.03.22 - 05.06.22

Lille, France

The CBRNE R&I Conference is specifically devoted to scientific updates, responders' feedback, and their expression of needs. It includes workshops and demonstrations of innovative materials, technologies, and procedures.

RedWave will be represented at Booth #22 by our international partner, HTDS.

Webinar 4 - Chemical Suicide

02.22.22 at 11:30am EST

Join RedWave Technology and Emergency Response TIPS for a new webinar in the series entitled Emerging Threat, Emerging Solutions. This 4th webinar provides an overview of the methods used for chemical suicides as well as an overview of the role of FTIR technology as one of the tools in your response toolbox for these types of events where the detection and identification of materials in gas, liquid, and solid phase are required.

Michigan Hazmat Responder Conference

04.11.22 - 04.13.22

Thompsonville, MI

Providing Michigan HazMat Response Team members with 3 pre-conference workshop options and 40 conference breakout sessions to choose from. With nationally recognized hazmat speakers and vendors in attendance.

Booth # TBA

MABAS Command Training Summit

02.21.22 - 02.23.22

Normal, IL

The MABAS-Illinois 2022 Annual Training Summit brings together fire chiefs, command officers, and dispatchers within and outside of the State of Illinois.

Booth # TBA