Identify 5,500 gases and 22,000+ powders/liquids in one device.



RedWave Technology FTIR Hazmat ThreatID GLS
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The ThreatID is the only FTIR hazmat device capable of identifying solids, liquids, AND gases as low as 25ppm.

  • No sample preparation required
  • Analysis in under 2 minutes
  • Identify unknown VOCs and TICs
  • Identify toxic industrial chemicals/materials
  • Tackle sick building syndrome
  • Quantification of vapors when used with a PID

Watch the analysis of gases, liquids, and powders in seconds using our interchangeable modules:

Gas Cell Module

Powders & Liquids Module

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Powders & Liquids Analysis

  • Advanced, multi-level search easily identifies samples; combining a primary search for consumer products, mixture analysis for complex samples, and functional group classification for confirmation.
  • Proprietary “ThreatAssist” chemical information database onboard; identify over 22,000 liquids/powders
  • Tutorials walk user through every analysis
  • Automated warnings for dangerous or problematic samples


RedWave Technology ThreatID Tony Hazmat FTIR Testing

The largest innovation for FTIR chemical threat identification in 15 years.

  • Software automatically converts to interrogation mode based on sample accessory
  • Multi-tiered interrogation, variable investigative methods, & advanced tools for resolving mixtures
  • Real-time zoom and spectral manipulation on industry-leading 10” display
  • 4+ hour battery life with in-field “hot-swap” capability 
  • 40% smaller than existing suitcase systems

  • Fully decontaminable; designed for use anywhere on scene
  • No secondary devices required: Built-in WIFI and Hotspot functionality
  • 24/7/365 Reachback Support
  • Multiple training options available: on-site, online, single day, multiple shifts