RedWave’s proprietary onboard chemical information database for first responders.



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ThreatAssist, standard on all ThreatID devices, is a chemical hazard information database purpose-built for first responders to assist them in identifying hazardous chemicals.

The ThreatAssist library includes information on over 22,000 compounds including:

  • Narcotics (including Fentanyl/Fentanyl Derivatives)
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
  • Chemical Weapons (WMD’s) including Novachoks
  • Explosives
  • Consumer Products
  • Pharmaceuticals

The ThreatAssist library identifies

Fully integrated, on-board chemical hazard database provides instant information on chemical properties, hazards, and response information such as common names, IDLH, and PID correction factors. The database contains information from NIOSH, PubChem, Wiser, and other reputable sources. It is linked directly to the ThreatID’s spectral library for instant, accurate information related to the sample’s identity.

Slide to view our examples of our ThreatAssist data from software on the left and ThreatAssist spectrum as shown in the ThreatID on the right.