Webinar 4 – Chemical Suicide

This is the fourth in a series of webinars with Dr. Christina Baxter, CEO of Emergency Response TIPS, and RedWave Technology titled – Emerging Threats, Emerging Solutions. This fourth webinar provides an overview of the methods used for chemical suicides as well as an overview of the role of FTIR technology for these types of events where the detection and identification of materials in gas, liquid, and solid phase is required.

The course will also look at Emerging Solutions for each of the threat categories and see where current and evolving technologies come together to address the operational needs. Remember, no one device will cover all the operational needs. Instead, using a “toolbox” approach to detection will provide the operator with the necessary capabilities.


Dr. Christina Baxter, CEO, Emergency Response TIPS

Dr. John Seelenbinder, RedWave Technology

Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick, RedWave Technology