RedWave is at the forefront of innovation in portable FTIR chemical threat identification for emergency and military use. Our sole focus is giving first responders across our nation and around the world the high-performing tools they need to fulfill their mission of keeping our communities safe from chemical threats.

A legacy of innovation

RedWave is led by a team of engineering and business professionals that pioneered the development of portable FTIR spectroscopic analyzers that redefined chemical threat detection and identification. RedWave continues that legacy, investing in the development of new products designed to give first responders the most effective, versatile, reliable, and ergonomic tools available for rapid, accurate chemical identification.

Focused on first responders

From our beginnings, RedWave has maintained a sole focus on supporting emergency response, hazmat and military teams.

Our close working relationships with municipal departments, government agencies and defense departments in the U.S. and beyond have given us deep insights into their specialized needs. Every product we build is designed to help them assess threats with greater ease, safety and confidence.