Application Notes

XplorIR vs. Colorimetric Tubes

Colorimetric tubes have been a standard in the downrange toolkits of many first responders. Despite their widespread use, they are plagued by high error rates, significant cross-sensitivities, and an inability to conduct continuous gas monitoring.

The XplorIR is the only FTIR analyzer that can provide continuous gas monitoring at operationally relevant concentrations while uniquely identifying over 5600 chemicals and up to 6 components simultaneously within a gasmixture.

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Breaking New Ground: Gas Mixture Analysis with XplorIR

This app note discusses the challenges faced by emergency responders when dealing with mixed chemical products in the field.

It highlights the limitations of existing chemical identification technologies and introduces our innovative approach with the XplorIR to identify up to 6 gas components within complex mixtures.

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FTIR Innovation Eliminates Gap in Gas Identification

This article explores the pairing of the handheld XplorIR with various detection devices to enhance the overall comprehension of the hazardous gases in the environment.

Additionally, we evaluate the sensitivity and performance of the XplorIR in comparison to existing industry technologies.

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Misconceptions of FTIR

Read about how RedWave dispels the common myths of FTIR in Hazmat & CBRNe field operations.

– Myth: FTIR can’t work in high humidity
– Myth: Gas Phase FTIR cannot see at operationally relevant concentrations
– Myth: FTIR sample prep is complex

And more!

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Read how the XplorIR powered by FTIR provides a fast, easy-to-use solution to the life-threatening challenges experienced by responders and the limitations of GCMS for gas identification.

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Detect and Identify with PID + FTIR

This application note provides an in-depth analysis of current PID entry methods and how continuous air monitoring with the XplorIR can positively identify unknown gases in the hotzone.

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Building Your Recon Toolbox

Learn how the XplorIR is a logical addition to your set of recon tools with real-time gas identification and that the threat of cross-sensitive false readings on traditional sensors is no longer an issue.

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XplorIR and LEL Sensors for Hazmat Response

This application note discusses the integration of the XplorIR with current air monitoring tools, focusing on LEL sensors.

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CO Cross Sensitivity and XplorIR

Learn how XplorIR accurately identifies toxic gases that can give your air monitors false readings or inhibit accurate measurements.

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O2 Displacement and XplorIR

Learn why the XplorIR is deployed with 4 or 5-gas monitors during recon entry and how it identifies contaminants lower than an O2 sensor.

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