Read how the XplorIR powered by FTIR provides a fast, easy-to-use solution to the life-threatening challenges experienced by responders and the limitations of GCMS for gas identification.

Why choose FTIR over GCMS for gas detection and identification?

  • Faster analysis times
  • Ready in minutes
  • Easy to interpret results
  • Low maintenance
  • No training burden

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Featured Webinars

Transformative Impact of Gas Phase FTIR on Hazmat Operations

Listen to a dynamic panel of industry experts discuss the current methods for gas detection in the hazmat/CBRNe space and how XplorIR is facing the challenges found in mass spectroscopy and colorimetric solutions.

How FTIR is Filling the Gas Identification Gap for Hazmat/CBRNe

Watch industry experts discuss a new FTIR technology to address the gas identification gap in emergency response; comparing XplorIR to alternate methods of mass spectroscopy and colorimetric solutions.