RedWave Technology may be new to you, but the team that comprises this company and the products they previously developed are used every day by civilian, government, and military chemical threat responders. We were at the forefront of developing portable and hand-held FTIR spectroscopic analyzers for chemical threat detection, first as SensIR Technologies and later at Smiths Detection. Our HazmatID portable FTIR was the first, and at one time only, spectroscopic identifier specifically designed for hazmat responders. A revolutionary product, it led the way for responders to have FTIR and Raman spectroscopic analyzers as part of their everyday capabilities.

Today, that original core team from SensIR Technologies including the president, heads of mechanical engineering, optical engineering, product management, business development, business operations, and chief science and technology officer have reunited to form RedWave Technology. But why we are together is more important. Over the past few years, information communicated to us by responders convinced us that there is a renewed need for enhanced analyzer technology and equally important, for highly responsive technical support. As a tightly focused company, we will fill that need. Our mission is straightforward – provide superior chemical analyzer products and exceptional technical support for hazmat responders, US military, and other government organizations. We understand your needs because of our long-term, close working relationships with civilian and government responder groups. You are the first line of defense to our communities and must have the unimpeded capability to ensure all of our safety.

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One message delivered to us was that the new generation of handheld FTIR and Raman analyzers, though convenient and lightweight have some real performance and ergonomic issues associated with their use. These include awkward sampling, inflexible data analysis, displays that are too small, hard to read and manipulate, and difficulty communicating results to command and reach back. Many experienced responders told us that they prefer case-mounted analyzers and expressed regret that these products are no longer available. We set out to address this problem, and the result is our newly introduced ThreatID system, which is a smaller, lighter, far more capable advancement of the discontinued Smiths Detection HazmatID 360.

The second message that came through very loud and clear is that technical and reachback support needs to be significantly enhanced. Therefore, partnered with the ThreatID chemical analyzer, we have established ReachBack. ReachBack is a service that allows responders to rapidly communicate with RedWave’s highly trained chemists 24/7/365 who will effectively support your efforts to identify and remediate hazards. We understand that responders aren’t experts in spectroscopy…but we are, and you’ll be able to count on responsive support from RedWave.

This RedWave team is really pleased to be back in an endeavor that many of us thought was the most interesting and rewarding of our long careers. To our responder friends and acquaintances from the past, we welcome the opportunity to support your important work again. To those responders that we haven’t had the opportunity to meet, we will do our best to win your confidence in both our products and support.