ThreatID – Most powerful FTIR chemical analyzer

The Most Powerful FTIR Chemical Analyzer


RedWave’s ThreatID is the most powerful portable chemical analyzer on the market today. ThreatID comes standard with more than 22,000 reference spectra including toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics (including fentanyl), pesticides, explosives, weapons of mass destruction (including 4th generation novichok reagents), and common consumer products.

ThreatID was purpose-built for emergency response as a fully waterproof and ruggedized chemical analyzer. Our large, 10” touch screen display facilitates viewing and usability even in level-A protection gear. ThreatID is simple to use, just turn it on and let the on-screen video tutorials and user prompts guide you through sample analysis. Our state-of-the-art mixture algorithms combined with our extensive library will help you identify the widest range of substances.

ThreatID goes beyond limited handheld analyzers with onboard tools such as pinch-to-zoom spectral manipulation, residual component analysis, functional group identification, and push-button data transmission capabilities.

RedWave ThreatID GLS Manufacturing

Once your sample has been identified, our comprehensive onboard chemical hazard database, ThreatAssist, contains all relevant hazard information for each identified substance at the push of a button. To access additional resources, ThreatID has Wi-Fi capability (including mobile hotspot capability) so you can quickly access other well-known chemical hazard databases (show NIOSH, PubChem, Wiser). With all this information at your fingertips, your team can quickly develop an action plan to remediate the scene and keep your community safe.

In the event of an emergency, RedWave’s Reachback team is available around the clock (show 24/7/365 on the screen) to support and assist with software, hardware, and advanced spectral interpretation.

RedWave Technology - Made in USA

ThreatID is proudly made right here in the USA and our team members include core individuals who delivered the first portable FTIR chemical analyzers designed for first responders.

Learn more about RedWave and our ThreatID device by calling us at (888) 326-8186 (USA Only). Stay safe and we hope to hear from you soon.


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